Star Trek S:6 E:3

Man Of The People 

*Spoiler alert*

Dark desires use energy
Counselor Troi partakes in a funeral ritual with the Ambassador who begins channeling all of his negative emotions into her. She becomes an entirely different person; possessive, jealous, envious, dependant, ego-centric. And then… she starts to age. Rapidly. This causes the crew to react and, ultimately, solve the mystery by performing an autopsy on the mother of the Ambassador (discovering it wasn’t his mother but BUM BUM BUM…another victim of his telepathic treachery. They kill Counselor Troi… and bring her back to life. Killing the the Ambassador in the process…who mysteriously takes on all the symptoms of aging that (probably) he had inflicted on his victims. A fun romp.  

The takeaway: 

What I got from this episode was the inherit death we can attribute to “dark desires”. The counselor opened herself up, albeit unknowingly, to the “dark desires and thoughts” of the Ambassador. He channeled all of that through the counselor:  resulting in unusually high “neural activity”. It’s assumed this leads to her rapid aging, and ultimate death

We can interpret that as meaning:

The processing of “dark desires”; utilizes energy.

  Continually running in the background; We may not notice the energy consumption in day to day life because they are our own “dark desires”.  Since birth we have been allotting energy to these things and don’t recognize the demands they place on our system – in context of “life force”. The consequence of “living” in one’s “dark desires” is prolonged and exaggerated energy consumption. 

In our tradition of loving wisdom, let’s get some quotes. 

First, as usual, my main man:


Luke 6:31

31 And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise

“it is a man own mind, not his enemy or foe, that lures him to evil ways. ”                     Buddha

“The unexamined life is not worth living.”           Socrates

It is wisdom that creates a clarification in my thinking. The “dark desires” I expend energy on, take away from the other areas it could be expended.  By not examining my life, and pursuing the darkest of desires, I rob myself of the life I could be enjoying.

 It’s interesting that the crew knows something is different, but it isn’t until Troi ages, that they become worried. The Ambassador justifies his proxy’ing’, by the good work it allows him to do. But it is his own hubris that eventually destroys his work. He desires something good, but the “dark desire” robs him of the energy to accomplish it. 

If we are to become better people, in life and practice, it would seem that the first place to start is always at home. We can focus as much or as little energy on any area of our life, and it will bear its fruit. Our duty with this wisdom would appear to be:

  • Reflect on ourselves through others, thereby discovering how we desire to be treated
  • Examine ourselves for ideas and actions that fail to live up to our ideal treatment. 
  • Recognize the difference between the “dark desires” and their counterparts. “How is this action incongruent  with what I really desire?”
  • Stop expending energy on the thing. 
  • Continually grow in our recognition of ideal treatment. 

The last one is the key. Confidence that you can recognize deficiencies and correct the action or thought. Instead of “killing others” by using them as proxies for your own unhealthy activities. Take ownership of your life and adjust the energy you’re  putting into the “dark desires”.  It might need to start small but take joy in your victories and learn from defeats. If you don’t, the dark desires of life will envelope you and steal everything. 

 Until next time :

LOVE long, and prosper. 

Why the site exists

LOVE long, and prosper

So, I love art. Not all art. My biggest passion is film. Since I was but a wee lad, I was glued to the television screen. I’ll never forget the first time I saw Terminator 2 or  The Great Race with Jack Lemmon. The Court Jester with Danny K. 

White Heat with James Cagney made me feel like “I was on top of the world”. I remeber my butt falling asleep in The return of the King and waiting in line for hours to see The Phantom Menace. 

Over the years it’s become apparent that this is a love affair and like any good affairs, it’s easy to just get lost in the simple pleasure; with no thought as to the “where is this going?”. This is what has prompted the creation of this blog. Where is this passionate affair going? What do I get out of it other than “carnal pleasure”? 

When I watch a film or television show, I’m constantly analyzing character.  While I love good production value and do relish the new age of CGI, story is always the most riveting aspect of any :filmy” piece. What are the writers trying to convey?  What are the actors attempting to portray? Why is that scene so important?  

What did the spinning top mean in  Inception  ? How does the prime directive from Star Trek encapsulate a basic principle of moral life?  Why do we love the joker from the Batman franchise? 

All of these questions run through my head and I’m constantly challenged by the same in regards to my personal life. Some pieces inspire one to aspire. Some characters challenge preconceived convictions. 

Film making is one of the most versatile art forms we currently have. It begins with the suspension of disbelief, and then, challenges belief. Some films are made purely for entertainment but the best films make us think. Make us feel. Make us dream. Sometimes we’ll take a break from the heavy and talk about fun, but for the most part:

This site is about perceptions.  It’s about recognizing and examining our perceptions in relation to this art form. 

This site will be updated frequently and will be monetized. There will be ads, there will be sponsored posts but: the pursuit of profit comes secondary to the content.  If you enjoy the content, consider supporting the effort it takes by clicking on a link, subscribing and sharing with friends and family, commenting and engaging with the community. Every reader is important to the success of this page. However, success can be defined as working towards a worthwhile goal. 

My goal is to make readers think. There will likely never be long treatises, or academic discussions on this site. We wont be digging through the historical vaults( Though I will try and provide some further reading on certain topics). This site is about loving wisdom, where it is found, and for me, it’s usually film. 

So you can understand a little more about me: 

I’m a high school dropout. Married at 18. Had my first child at 19. That experience has changed my life in more ways than I would have thought possible. It has changed my perceptions more than I would have thought possible.  It led to me becoming a licensed plumbing contractor and running my own business for five years. That experience brought me into contact with thousands of new people and almost every standard of living and type of occupation imaginable.  After all, everyone needs a plumber at some point.  But that word itself, Plumber, is a metaphor for what I’ve always had the most interest in.  Measuring and testing the interaction of… things.  While my job was measuring and testing systems that transferred… um…fluids and…gasses; my passion has been dynamics.  Human dynamics.  Plumbing is easy when you get down to it.  Get that stuff – over there – without leaks. Human dynamics are much the same but, in my mind, we often over complicate the process. I see this in almost all social interactions and film is the best medium for dissecting these interactions. It provides snapshots of life as percieved by the creators. It gives us a window to look through, or if you will, a mirror to reflect on. In the Spirit of making things simple, I often disregard some of the more “esteemed” philosophical minds.  Folks that, in my mind, take the practice of philosophy and make it more complicated than it needs to be. Kind of like a plumber that tries to sell you on replacing all the water lines because of one leak. This site, like my previous company, is about providing value. Real value. It’s about fixing problems and teaching you how to do your own “plumbing”. It’s also about fun.  After I sold the business; I started thinking about what’s next. I’ve always felt silly about loving movies as much as I do, but realized, part of that love is the value they provide. To me the value is translated into how I approach my life. How approach IT. To that end: 

I think this site will provide you with value (hence my dedication). I think the questions and discussions we have will not only be fun, but valuable. To your own life and those around you. I look forward to hearing about your life, to creating new friendships, and to the person I will become as a product of this endeavor. With that said…..

Until next time:

LOVE long, and prosper
Robert H.

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